Radio is effective, trusted and reaches seamlessly into homes, workplaces and beyond

Considering new ways to increase your brand awareness and sales? Radio may be your solution. Whatever your objective, radio advertising can play an important role in growing your business, promoting your organisation, or simply getting your message out.

Advertising opportunities

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Premier Christian Radio broadcasts intelligent talk, news, worship and a host of internationally recognised Christian speakers 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Totally unique in the radio sector, Premier Christian Radio exclusively offers commercial access to the over 1.2 million strong evangelical community. Broadcast is complimented by the Premier Plus on demand platform and offers listeners a high level of interactivity with Premier programming content.


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Premier Gospel showcases a fantastic range of gospel music from across the UK and the rest of the world, including specialist genre specific shows. Premier Gospel reflects the worship, thoughts and lifestyle of the Black, Christian & Gospel loving communities. It serves London’s large Black British, African-Caribbean and Urban Music audience.

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Premier Praise offer christian contemporary worship music combined with bite-sized spiritual nourishment, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you find yourself needing an uplifting and inspirational fix Premier Praise is the station to listen to. The station’s mission is not only to deliver uplifting music to the Christian community, but also to appeal to those on the fringes of faith.

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Radio is trusted

Radio is personal and listeners develop a bond with their favourite shows and presenters. It’s this relationship that can bring great results for a brand planning to sponsor a show or advertise on-air.

Radio gets results

Advertising on radio continues to prove an excellent medium for reaching audiences through its high engagement levels and repetition.  As radio adverts have a high call to action ratio they generate excellent consumer recall.

Radio is cost effective

Radio advertising with Premier is highly cost effective, especially in comparison to mainstream radio stations, TV or print advertising. This cost effectiveness can therefore result in an exceptional return on your investment.


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Radio reaches everywhere

Radio enables you to target an audience specifically and effectively. Target parents over breakfast, people travelling to work or people working out at the gym. Radio enables you to find your audience and talk to them directly.

Radio makes your business memorable

Radio advertising is memorable to the listener, and will result in your business being top in a listeners mind due to the frequency of your radio advert being played throughout the day, week, or month.

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£7.70 return on investment for every £1 spent


more advert awareness using radio alongside newspapers


boost to audiences browsing your brand by advertising on radio

Types of radio advertising

Live reads

Radio presenter live reads are a great way to advertise your organisation on air. Listeners are already familiar with the radio personality’s voice and are therefore more likely to engage with the advert. Live reads also help your brand stand out from the crowd, shining a spotlight on your message.


Ever thought about sponsoring the weather, the travel news or even the breakfast show? Sponsoring a show, a campaign or a feature can significantly raise awareness of your organisation.

A sponsorship advert associates your company with a popular show or feature that our listeners love and value and can get you to the forefront of people’s minds. They offer high engagement. Sponsored competitions, where listeners are encouraged to call in, have a particularly high level of engagement.

Radio adverts

Radio adverts are the most commonly used form of paid-for-advertising on commercial radio. Radio airtime can be bought across different day parts and days of the week depending on the objectives of your campaign. Talk to a member of our team to find out what adverts could work best for your campaign

We can help you every step of the way

Through years of working with many different organisations we understand what our audience responds to and can advise you on the type of advert that will get the best response.

Our award winning production team can help plan, write and create your radio campaign, whether it’s a weighty spoken message or a catchy jingle you can’t get out of your head. Whatever your business we can help create a memorable message that works.

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