Print adverts have real lasting power and promote strong brand recognition

People trust print more than any other channel. This means they also trust the adverts they see in print publications, which makes people far more open to your message. Premier Woman Alive and Premier Christianity magazines are highly trusted and respected by their readers and offer various opportunities for advertising and sponsorship.

Print advertising opportunities

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Premier Christianity is the UK’s leading Christian magazine, which provokes, inspires and engages readers from the breadth of the Christian spectrum

Readership: 27,500 monthly    Circulation: 11,000 monthly    Subscribers: 11,000 monthly
Reader Profile: Male 52% Female: 48%

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Premier Woman Alive is the original UK monthly woman’s magazine specifically for Christian women.

Readership: 11,500 monthly  Circulation: 5,000 monthly   Subscribers: 3,700 monthly


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Print adverts build credibility

Premiers publications consistently offer readers high-quality, reliable content, and our advertisers can leverage this credibility.

Print lets you choose your audience

Advertising in a Premier magazine makes it easier to reach your audience because you have the option of choosing the right demographic for your particular product or promotion.

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Print adverts have better recall than digital adverts

In a busy digital marketplace print advertising gets better recognition and is more memorable than its digital counterpart.

Print advertising lasts longer

When someone puts a magazine on their desk, or coffee table, your advert stays there until the entire magazine goes in the recycling bin—or to someone else’s desk.

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We can help you every step of the way

We can help you plan, write and create your advertising campaign. Through years of working with a variety of different organisations we understand what our audience responds to and can advise you on the type of ad that will get the best response.

Types of print advertising

On page – half, full and double page options including advertorials & sponsored content. We have a wide range of on page advertising options to suit all budgets, and offer a design service for those clients needing a bespoke campaign.

Sponsoring a publication or even a specific editorial section, helps build your brand story. Through a close association with Premier your brand will build credibility, achieve prestige, and strengthen your public image, putting your brand story and messages in front of people on their faith journey who share our Christian values. Sponsorship is a highly effective way of capturing consumer attention.



Cover Wraps
Cover wraps are dedicated front and back cover pages that wrap around the entire publication giving you four pages of highly visible sponsored content. Readers interact with this content for long periods, even after publication, and are ideal for highlighting key messages and calls to action, making them desirable to media buyers and brand builders. 

Inserts are an efficient way of carrying your message straight to the doormat, reaching like minded readers who subscribe to our magazines and want to hear your story. Separately printed and inserted into the publication they offer excellent value.

Prime Positions
You can choose the placement of your advert or advertorial by opting for a special position in the publication, ensuring you appear in the space most likely to be seen, such as front inside cover or back cover. Talk to us about how to get the maximum exposure for your print campaign.

Digital and Print advertising working together - Multi media advertising brings bigger rewards

When print and digital advertising work together the results can be dramatic. The use of web domains and interactive features within print adverts can help create a bridge between print and digital. Adverts that encourage readers to engage with brands online can help drive more traffic and create awareness.

By taking advantage of print advertising and partnering it with a digital campaign you can leverage the power of both print and digital to create the most awareness and best returns on your investment.

  • Print increases brand consideration by 12% when used alongside press
  • Print  increases brand relevance by 24% when used alongside press
  • Print increases ad awareness by 53% when used alongside press

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