Digital advertising engages with your customers and helps attract new ones

Premier's audience do more than just listen; they love to get involved online too, making Premier's radio stations amongst the most engaged on social media. By working closely with you we can help your brand build a deeper and more effective connection with our audience. Access rate cards

Advertising opportunities

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Monthly page views: 271,475  Unique visitors: 135,853
Social Media:   
Facebook: 27,000 Twitter: 28,000 Instagram: 7,000

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Monthly page views: 41,144  Unique visitors: 31,672
Social Media:   
Facebook: 24,000 Twitter: 21,000  Instagram: 16,600

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Monthly page views: 31,698  Unique visitors: 19,525
Social Media:   
Facebook: 7,000  Twitter: 2,400


Monthly page views: 45,137  Unique visitors: 37,092
Social Media:   
Facebook: 2,600  Twitter: 824 followers

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Monthly page views: 79,300  Unique visitors: 69,500
Social Media:   
Facebook: 2,500  Twitter: 2000 Instagram: 1,500

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Monthly page views: 281,500.  Unique visitors: 247,182
Social Media:   
Facebook: 16,800 Twitter: 27,600 Instagram: 553

The benefits of digital advertising

Digital is affordable

A well planned and targeted digital marketing campaign can reach the right customers at a much lower cost than traditional marketing methods.

Digital is reaching new markets

Digital advertising allows you to reach new markets and trade globally for a relatively small investment.



Digital results are measurable 

Web analytics allows you to track and monitor each digital campaign that you run.  Additionally analytics allows you to discover detailed information about how your customers respond to your advertising.

Digital improves conversion rates

With your website acting as your digital store front, your customers are only ever a few clicks away from making a purchase.


We can help you every step of the way

We can help you plan, design and implement your digital campaign. Through years of working with a variety of organisations we understand how and why audiences respond and react in the online space.  This enables us to advise you with confidence on the type of digital campaign that will bring you the best response possible to your promotion.


Types of digital advertising

Digital advertising

Digital adverts combine text and image. Once clicked, they link to a website where your customer can learn more about, or buy, your products. There are many digital advert formats. They can be static with an image or animated with multiple images, video, or changing text.
Banner adverts, which run at the top of a web page, are a commonly used form of digital display advertising and are frequently used for awareness campaigns.

Digital advertising opportunities include

  • MPU Banners
  • Leaderboard banners
  • Skyscraper banners
Email advertising

You can reach up to 120,000 newsletter subscribers by advertising in an e-newsletter. Similar to digital advertising, email advertising combines text, images, and a clickable link which takes your customer direct to your website.

Email advertising opportunities include

  • Advertising in Premier’s suite of email communications including Daily Voice of Hope, Daily News and/or Be Still and Know e-newsletters, Christian Holiday Guide
  • Sponsorship of email newsletters
Premier bespoke email newsletters

Bespoke email newsletters sent from Premier on behalf of your brand. Tailored to your branding colours and language bespoke e-newsletters are a great way to engage with Premier audiences. You send us all the copy and visuals and we will set it up and launch it on your behalf.

Bespoke email opportunities include

  • Bespoke email newsletters for: advertising list with over 68,000  subscribers, Church Leaders, Premier Christianity, Premier Gospel or Premier Youth and Children’s work subscribers.

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