Premier Woman Alive Magazine

Premier Woman Alive is the original UK monthly woman’s magazine specifically for Christian women. Access rate cards and more information

The UK's only Christian monthly magazine for women

Woman Alive appeals to women of all denominations. It seeks to inspire, encourage, and resource women of all ages in their faith, helping them to grow in their relationship with God.  Woman Alive  provides practical help and a biblical perspective on the day to day issues impacting their lives.

  • Premier Woman Alive readers are decision makers, typically involved in ministry and leadership.
  • Premier Woman Alive is read cover to cover and passed on to friends and local church groups for all ages.
  • Premier Woman Alive provides a positive alternative to mainstream magazines.

“We have been advertising in Woman Alive for several years, and we are very happy with the response we receive.”

Nichola Keating, Business Development Manager, Reliance Bank Ltd

“We feel that our placement in Woman Alive has a positive impact on sales of our spirituality titles.”

Elaine Reid, Alban Books

“We have had more new guests come to us through Woman Alive than through any of the other publications in which we have advertised.”

David Sales, Llandudno

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Potential Reach and Engagement


Readership: 11,500 monthly
Circulation: 5,000 monthly
Subscribers: 3,700 monthly


Monthly page views: 147,403
Unique visitors: 14,000

Social media

Facebook: 1,900
Twitter: 1,900
Instagram: 800

About the Audience

A typical Woman Alive reader is a 30-60 year old Christian Female. She is in paid employment or retired, and is actively involved in her church often at a leadership level. Her interests include reading, cooking, arts and crafts, gardening, traveling, and exercising.



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