Premier Praise

Contemporary Christian worship music combined with bite-size spiritual nourishment, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
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  • Uplifting Christian music at home, at work and in the car

    Premier Praise broadcasts quality popular Christian music – day and night. If you find yourself needing an uplifting and inspirational fix Premier Praise is your go-to station.

    The station’s mission is not only to deliver uplifting music to the Christian community, but also to appeal to those on the fringes of faith. The station features spiritual nourishment through bite-sized bible teachings and prayers that are accessible to all audiences. Premier Praise broadcasts to most of the UK and is available to tune in through DAB, via smart speakers, online at Premier.Plus and through the Premier Plus App.

    ‘Premier has been an incredible catalyst for growth at Feed the Hungry UK, resulting in annual turnover rising from £150,000 a few years ago to over £1.2 million today.
    The team at Premier Christian Radio, and Premier Praise are passionate, focused and exceptionally talented. They don’t quit until goals are met and success is achieved.’

    We wouldn’t have the reach and influence we have today for Christ if it were not for our relationship with Premier.

    Feed the Hungry UK

    L. Istener

    Potential Reach and Engagement


    Weekly listeners: 1.1 million
    Audience profile: Male: 53% Female: 47%


    Monthly page views: 31,698
    Unique visitors: 9,525

    Social media

    Facebook: 6,700
    Twitter: 2,100

    About the Audience

    Premier Praise has a younger audience and is popular among young families, mostly Christian but also those who are open to hearing the Christian message. A typical Premier Praise listener is a 30+, ABC1 married female with young children.



    Advertising opportunities


    Consider sponsoring the weather, travel news or even the breakfast show! Our Radio Sponsorship packages offer your brand a unique opportunity to connect with our loyal and responsive audiences, creating a powerful partnership like no other advertising medium, including a range of features such as:

    • Sponsors tags in and out of the programming to grow the connection between your brand and Premier

    • In broadcast 30 or 40 second spot advertisements to help tell your story

    • In-programme competitions and giveaways to increase brand awareness

    Radio Adverts
    The most commonly used form of paid-for-advertising on Commercial Radio. Buy your ad time in bulk and have your adverts broadcast throughout the day, reaching a vast audience and helping boost your response, build awareness and grow your income streams.



    Digital Advertising
    Use online innovative and engaging ads to capture your target market, converting browsers into loyal customers. Using compelling messaging and visual elements ensures the highest response levels and the best return on your investment.

    Email Advertising
    Advertise on one of Premier’s html newsletters sent to tens of thousands of people every week. Highly targeted and respected news and editorial content delivered straight to inboxes of Premier subscribers, reaching engaged Christians who are loyal and responsive.

    Sponsor a show, website, a webpage or even a podcast and build your brand story across the full breadth of Premier’s media platforms. Through a close association with Premier your brand will build credibility , achieve prestige, and strengthen your public image, telling your brand story to millions of people on their faith journey who share our Christian values. Sponsorship is a highly effective way of capturing consumer attention.

    Find out how advertising with Premier can help your organisation reach its goals