Premier Plus

Premier Plus is the revolutionary new way for audiences to listen to Christian audio offering high-quality, faith-based audio, a superior listening experience and enhanced interaction. A fully functional and interactive website at, to be followed by an app for mobile devices in Autumn 2023. Get the media pack PDF by clicking here.

Potential reach...

Radio – Up to 2 Million listeners a week
Podcast – 600,000 downloads a month
Web Users – ½ Million users a month interact with our brands

A unique proposition and audience

A unique proposition and audience

  • Extensive Reach: Premier Plus will bring together in one platform the three existing Premier radio stations, plus a fourth, Premier Teaching, dedicated to sermons (the most popular segment on Premier Christian Radio) with a library of on-demand audio and Premier podcasts.  One platform with a fantastic choice of content that is easily searchable, making it simpler for listeners to find what they want, to listen longer and move between types of audio. The result is multiple touchpoints for your message.
  • Listener loyalty and trust: Listening to audio content – whether it be music, debates, stories – has always been the most personal and intimate form of media relationship. This proximity is naturally strengthened through the predominant use of headphones. Premier has changed thousands of lives over the years through its broadcast content and the Premier Plus platform will help millions more.
  • Undisturbed: Listeners can effectively listen to digital audio while doing other things (driving, working, playing sport), during screen-free time. Premier Plus offers further flexibility in that they will be able to drop in to re-listen or carry on playing their favourite shows at any time.
  • Mobility: As consumers increasingly turn to mobile devices for entertainment and information, Premier Plus allows our audience to listen to their favourite station or show wherever they are.
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‘Our partnership with the Unbelievable podcast continues to be very successful two years into the relationship. The results we’ve achieved are beyond our expectations. Justin’s audience believes in him and follows his suggestions.’

Mary Snyder, Compassion International

L. Istener

Advertising Opportunities

Opportunities to run your adverts across all streams, already at more than 380,000 streams every month for radio and on demand listening

Plus over one million podcast downloads every month


We would love to talk to you about the opportunity for your brand to connect with our loyal and responsive audiences, creating a powerful partnership like no other advertising medium.  Sponsorship packages can be created in the way that works best for you and could include  features such as:

  • ‘Sponsored by’ credits to help strengthen the connection between your brand and Premier
  • Pre-roll audio tag whenever anyone presses “play” for the audio content
  • Audio Advertisements played out  help tell your story
  • The option to include competitions and giveaways to increase brand awareness
Radio Adverts

We can work with you to create audio adverts which can be broadcast throughout the day, reaching a vast audience and helping boost your response, build awareness and grow your income streams. Audio advertising can feature within radio programmes and podcasts and as pre-roll for online streaming. . Audio advertising is quick, easy and cost effective and offers you one of the best returns on your marketing investment.

Find out how advertising with Premier can help your organisation reach its goals