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Faith in their future. A website that acts as a hub for resources for church workers and parents Download the Premier NexGen media pack

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Regular monthly content includes:
• Leadership, Managing staff and volunteers,
Families work, Schools’ Work, Additional Needs,
Safeguarding, Practical skills
• Engaging curriculum for infant, primary and secondary
school-age children
• Ready to use guides on a range of topics: music, movie,
parable, mentoring, journaling, crafts
• Latest news and reflections on cultural trends

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About the Audience

Its content aims to serve youth workers, children’s workers, families workers, schools’ workers (full-time, part time and volunteers) keen to see children and young people flourish in their faith.

In addition, it helps church leaders understand the youth scene and start or re-start ministry to children and young people.

As the ‘trade magazine’ for youth and children’s workers, the magazine has traditionally been a place where readers have found their next job via Premier Job Search.


Nexgen Audience

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