Premier Christian Radio

Premier Christian Radio broadcasts intelligent talk, news, worship and a host of internationally recognised Christian speakers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Over 1,200,000 listeners every week

Premier Christian Radio was founded in 1995. During almost 30 years of broadcasting it has built a loyal listener base unrivalled by many other media companies.

Premier Christian Radio is available online, on demand and nationally on DAB and on smart speakers. For listeners in the Greater London and Surrey regions it is additionally available on FM radio. To listen on demand visit or download the App today.

‘Working with Premier has enabled us to bring relevant content to the Christian community such as Risen and Miracles from Heaven. The team is always thorough in their media planning and analytics, so we know that each pound we invest will work hard for us! We look forward to working with Premier on our upcoming titles.’

Sony Pictures, Europe

L. Istener

Reach and Engagement


Weekly listeners: 1,200,000
Average daily listening: 12.5 Hours
Audience profile: male: 40% female: 60%


Monthly page views: 271,475
Unique visitors: 87,415

Social media

Facebook: 27,000
Twitter: 27,600
Instagram: 5,800

About the Audience

Premier Christian Radio listeners are a loyal, dedicated and highly responsive audience.  They listen in for an average 18 hours every week, which is more than any other network brand across the country. Premier Christian Radio listeners represent the highest percentage ABC1s of any radio station in the UK.



Advertising Opportunities


Our radio sponsorship packages offer your brand a unique opportunity to connect with our loyal and responsive audiences, creating a powerful partnership like no other advertising medium, including a range of features such as;

• ‘Sponsored by’ credits at the start and end of the programme to help strengthen the connection between your brand and Premier

• Radio advertisements played out during the programme to help tell your story

• The option to include on-air competitions and giveaways to increase brand awareness

Radio Adverts 
The most commonly used form of paid-for-advertising on commercial radio. Have your adverts broadcast throughout the day, reaching a vast audience and helping boost your response, build awareness and grow your income streams. With the support of our in-house production team we can create and broadcast your adverts with a quick turn-around time making radio advertising quick, easy and cost effective. Radio advertising offers you one of the best returns on your marketing investment. 


Digital Advertising
Use online innovative and engaging adverts to capture your target market, converting browsers into loyal customers. Using compelling messaging and visual elements ensures the highest response levels and the best return on your investment.

Email Advertising
Advertise on one of Premier’s newsletters sent to tens of thousands of people every week. Highly targeted and respected news and editorial content delivered straight to inboxes of Premier subscribers, reaching engaged Christians who are loyal and responsive.

Sponsor a show, website, a webpage or even a podcast and build your brand story across the full breadth of Premier’s media platforms. Through a close association with Premier you will build credibility, achieve prestige, and strengthen your public image, telling your brand story to millions of people on their faith journey who share our Christian values. Sponsorship is a highly effective way of capturing consumer attention.

Find out how advertising with Premier can help your organisation reach its goals