Christian Holiday Guide

The go-to online platform for Christians seeking faith-based holiday experiences and accommodation. Our website connects travellers with holiday rental owners who share the same values, providing an extensive selection of properties, retreats, tours and staycations that cater to the needs and preferences of the Christian community.

A unique opportunity for organisations to connect with a faith-based audience

Christian Holiday Guide offers a unique opportunity for advertisers, holiday rental owners and organisations to connect with a faith-based audience seeking memorable holiday experiences. By featuring your property or service on our website, you can reach a dedicated market segment, increase brand exposure, and build lasting relationships with Christian travellers. Join us in creating unforgettable holiday experiences while promoting unity within the Christian community.

For Advertisers

Key features

• Targeted Audience: Reach a broad market of faith-based travellers actively searching for holiday accommodation and experiences aligned with their values. Premier speaks to around 2 million people a week across its media platforms and will be promoting The Christian Holiday Guide on air, in print and on digital.

• Prominent Ad Placement: Feature your property or service in prime locations on our website, driving visibility and engagement with potential customers.

• Customised Advertising Packages: Choose from a range of advertising options tailored to suit your budget and marketing goals.


• Enhanced Brand Exposure: Increase awareness of your brand or service within the Christian community by advertising across multimedia platforms specifically tailored to your needs.

• Higher Conversion Rates: Reach an engaged audience with high purchase intent, resulting in increased leads and bookings.

• Long-Term Customer Loyalty: Build lasting relationships with faith-based travellers who value Christian-friendly accommodation and services.

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For Holiday Rental Owners

• Easy Listing Process: Effortlessly list your property with our user-friendly interface, providing detailed information, images, and quick links to communicate with potential visitors about availability.

• Increased Visibility: Showcase your holiday rental to a dedicated audience seeking Christian-friendly accommodation.

•Benefit from a trusted Premier platform ensuring a hassle-free experience.

•Access to a Niche Market: Tap into a unique market segment seeking accommodation that caters to their faith-based preferences.

•Increased Bookings: Attract more guests by listing your property on a platform dedicated to Christian holidays.

•Community Support: Connect with like-minded property owners, share experiences, and grow together in the Christian Holiday Guide community.

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